Lady Finger web series in Hindi: release date, cast list

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Lady Finger web series in Hindi

Ullu App brings yet another exciting web series with an exciting cast. Ullu upcoming web collection Lady Finger stars Ayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, and Pallavi Debnath in lead roles. The Lady Finger Net Collection’s launch date is 4th October 2022.

However, unlike other Ullu web series, the trailer for the Lady Finger web series is rather vague without revealing much about the plot of the series. However, a longer trailer for the Lady Finger Net collection can be found online on the legit boob app

Lady Finger Web Series plot

Let us tell you that the web series revolves around a couple in which the wife (Ayushi Jaiswal) suspects her husband. Tormented by doubts, she went to her friend (Mahi Kaur) for help. The friend gave her the idea of ​​hiring a girl who could trap her husband.

Although the wife really likes the idea, she said she has no contact. Then the friend gives her the carrier and woos her for the husband. However, the case also sees several major twists and turns as the characters begin to reveal they’re true colors.

Also, it looks like Pallavi Debnath is betting on the girl who is having an extramarital affair with Ayushi Jaiswal’s husband. All these scenes have been shown in this web series which you can easily watch.

Lady Finger web series cast list

  • Aayushi 
  • Jaiswal,
  • Pallavi Debnath,
  • Mahi Kaur

Aayushi Jaiswal

Aayushi Jaiswal, one of the most sought-after and wanted actresses of the Darshal industry, has yet another collaboration with Ullu Originals. If he is busy acting in other web series for his Primeshots, Prime Play, and others.

Mahi Kaur

Let us tell you that in this web series Mahi Kaur is making a comeback with Ullu Originals after a long time. He got famous from the Ullu web series Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi. In this, Mahi Kaur was last seen in the Woovy web series Dil Do. and then it’s visible again

Pallavi Debnath

In this web series, Pallavi Debnath became a household name after starring in several Primeshots web series over the years. He was also last seen in Cine Primes Mummy No. 1 and the Ullu web series Chudiwala.

Lady Finger web series release date

The Lady Finger web series was released on 4 October 2022. This series is continued by Ullu App releasing 2 Ullu web series videos weekly. Regarding this series, they have already released Charamsukh Tapan Part 2, which you can easily watch on the Ullu app without any problem.

EpisodesOnline Streaming
Lady Finger Part 14 October 2022
Lady Finger Part 2Coming Soon

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